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The New Seattle Music Scene [CD] This exciting compilation features a variety of music by many of Seattle's rising artists. Included are Super Deluxe, Life Like Feel, Harvey Danger, Willis, Super Sonic Soul Pimps, The Day I Fell Down, and a dozen others - all packaged in a cool vinyl LP look. Each of the artists, Insight Records, and even the CD manufacturer, Nimbus, are donating proceeds to The National Campaign for Freedom of Expression (NCFE). Hear the Seattle-area's most exciting new bands and help support the NCFE's fight against censorship and other issues. ISR-1003 - $14

The New Seattle Music Scene [CD] ISR-1003 - $14

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Seattle WOMEN IN ROCK [CD] Features an amazing unreleased studio version of Sky Cries Mary's "Deep Sunless Sea" recorded prior to their album's release. 7 Year Bitch also have a previously unreleased track. Plus a live track by Lazy Susan, and songs by Faith & Disease, Jackie On Acid, and 12 others. Something for everyone on this rock CD. And all available only on this release! Booklet features complete information on "who played what". Partial proceeds benefit The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Limited quantity. SWR-CD2101 - $12


Seattle WOMEN IN ROCK [cassette] Same songs as the CD but without the booklet. SWR-CT2101 - SALE $6!


Seattle Music Scene (Volume One) [CD] Featuring great bands from Seattle's underground circa 1993. A variety of alternative, grunge, hard rock, and heavy metal. Songs by Sadhappy, The Pleasure Elite, Medicine Hat, and 15 others. Detailed credits in booklet. (Very limited supply.) SMS-CD1001 - $11 . . . . NEARLY SOLD OUT - LESS THAN 200 LEFT ! !



Seattle Music Scene (Volume Two) [CD] Features great music, great bands - from 1994's Seattle scene. A true collector's disc containing a variety of alternative, grunge, hard rock, and heavy metal music - plus a few surprises. Songs by Life Like Feel, The Pleasure Elite, Diamond Fist Werny, Willard, and 15 more. Includes detailed credits in booklet. SMS-CD1002 - $11 NEARLY SOLD OUT - LESS THAN 250 LEFT ! !



Life Like Feel [CD] The self-titled release from this fast-rising Seattle band. With the entrancing voice and vibrant guitar work of Fosso, the oh so appropriate keys of Robert Wilson, and the delightfully groovy work of drummer Jef Allen and bassist Jim Frost, Life Like Feel draws you in and refuses to let go. Contains 11 catchy songs. You must check this out! ISR-CD9001(PHT-002) - $12


Life Like Feel [cassette] Same songs as the CD / J-card contains all lyrics ISR-CT9001(PHT-002CT) - $8



Life Like Feel T-shirt (full-color album art) - Sorry, SOLD OUT

Insight Records T-shirt (cool white logo on black shirt). Looks like the image to the right but (other than "records") what you see is reversed - white print on a black shirt. $10 (Available in XL only.)










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